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Diamond Black Tyres 195 60 r15 for sale
This part has been added to marketplace on Sunday, 24 Jul 2016
We now can supply various Tyres including this set of 4 Diamond Black 195-60-r15 for sale at minimum price of the wreckers yard
The Tyres are really in a very good condition. please notice below:
* High levels of durability
* Straight-line stability and high level of steering responsiveness
* Balanced for dry and wet grips
* Exceptional consistency for wet conditions
* Superior performance characteristics combining handling, cornering and braking
* Designed to optimized fuel efficiency
* Great braking capability to increase safety

The Dimensions and details as follows.
Width: 195
Ratio: 60
Diameter: 15
Price: POA

These Tyres will be offered with commodore wheels for extra cost.
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